How to Worship in Isolation

Although we cannot assemble in person, we are still united through Christ Jesus. Take the time to find ways to practice worship in your home.

Crisis Control

When things get frantic, don’t just trust in your stuff.

Are You a Friend of Sinners?

What does it mean to be a friend of sinners?

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woman sitting by ocean

A Prayer for Those in Desperate Need

When you’ve lost all hope, maybe you need the prayers of another to get you through. The “Lorica of St. Patrick” is here to help.

woman on train and yellow field

What I Learned From a Stranger’s Death

While I know that tomorrow is not promised, I don’t always really feel that. This year I do, and I don’t like it.

woman in desert

Your Turn: Why I Adore Lent

I love the intentionality that comes with Lent, because I have to pay closer attention to my diet, or my time, or my money, and consider how they all can bring glory to God.

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Knowing When and How to Speak Up

The reason we must speak up is because God commands it — but also, our world needs it. Imagine if Bryan Stevenson had stayed quiet, or William Wilberforce or Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

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3 Reasons Why We Should Still Talk About Abortion

Do something. Tell the world that every life – born, unborn, mother, father, child – matters. Then show them that they matter to you.