Hygge: The Hug You Didn’t Know You Needed

The art of creating a comfortable, hospitable, cozy life.

Get Serious About Online Dating

Online dating worked for me — but only after I took off the rose-colored glasses and got real. Here are some tips for getting serious about finding love online.

Three Romantic Errors

Ever feel like you’ll never find Mr./Ms. Right? Hinlicky’s advice might help.

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women sitting on mountain

It’s Not Friendship Without Sharing

For the first time it dawned on me that maybe my tendency to close myself off from others wasn’t protecting me; maybe it was hurting me.

man and woman by water

Guys, Shut Up and Listen

If you’ve read any relationship book, you’ve probably heard this: Most women don’t want you to fix their problems; they just want you to listen.

man praying

Check in on your friends who are pastors — they might not be OK

Even if you think your pastor is doing fine, consider “checking in” this month. Pastors have demanding but sacred (and God-given) jobs.

man and woman on beach

Want a Great Marriage Someday? Learn to Handle Conflict Now

When we approach conflict with the goal of reconciliation instead of simply winning the argument, the other person will feel respected and be less likely to put up walls.

Want to Be Happier? Talk to Strangers

When I think back to my life before being on a smartphone all the time was the norm, I realize my interactions with people were much richer.